Looptek AudioNet player

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Welcome to the Looptek AudioNet player.

1114 Live Music/Radio Stations, and more.

If you can access the URL for
an audio stream and file most likely you can use the Looptek AudioNet
player to listen to it. The following formats are supported

*. MP3
*. M4A
*. AAC
*. WAV
*. CAF
*. MP4

You can also use VLC to access your personal audio files using any of
the above formats.

In addition to LoopTek AudioNet Player the following third parties are supported

*. icecast
*. SHOUTcast

We also support our own private directory of URLs of available audio
content. This directory is also can be updated by our users so that
they can add new URLs as they run across them.

*. Professional user Interface
*. Add your own radio stations
*. Works great with WiFi, 2G, 3G and EDGE
*. Share your favorites in our private Looptek directory
*. Using VLC,icecast you can stream a live audio stream from your MAC, Linux
or PC over the net to your iPhone allowing you to monitor what is
going on in the vicinity of your MAC, Linux or PC.